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WTB - Dillon 550 .40/10mm Conversion Kit and Dies

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Wondering if anyone has one of these sitting in the basement just gathering dust? I dug out my 10mm Glock G-20 from the bowels of a safe and have decided to fiddle with it some. Added a Lone Wolf 6" barrel and plan on trying different loads. The novelty has already worn off of winter and I'll finish up my CAS yearly reloading in a week or so. Need something else to fill some time, otherwise will have to start on the home honeydew's.


Anyhow, appreciate if someone has this stuff they are willing to part with.


Trying a bump to top.

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Church Key,


I don't have any of the Dillon equipment but I have already been loading up some 'test' ammo for my new SIG P220 in 10mm.


I hope to chronograph AND do some accuracy testing when the weather gets a little better.


Right now, I have 12 loads to test in the 165 grain and 180 grain bullets.


My test powders are:




AA #7

AA #9

Power Pistol


On some bullets (but not all) I'm testing the low end AND the high end load data to give me a better indication of what my SIG and the 10mm is capable.


Brass is new Starline and primers are Federal LP Mag.


I also plan to mic the lower portion of my brass before and after test firing to help give me certain indications of pressure problems.


I might forget to PM you with this info but if you want to holler back at me in a couple months, I hope to have some good load data of my own.




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Do you still need the conversion kit? I think I may have it but will have to look to verify it. If I do maybe you have one I need and we can swap out or you can buy a used one on eBay and send it to me.

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Widowmaker - I tested out four different types of new commercial ammo with my stock Glock 20 and again with a Lone Wolf 6" barrel. This was an attempt to get the Underwood ammo to work for me. The results are as follows:


Glock 20 Ammo Test 1/25/17

Manufacturer Load Average FPS Extreme Spread FPS Standard Deviation Barrel


Armscor 10mm 180gr. 1117 41 15 Glock 4.6”

HPR 10mm 165gr. 1223 29 11 Same

Remington .40 180gr. 899 32 12 Same

Underwood 10mm 180gr. 1269 67 28 Same


Armscor 10mm 180gr. 1166 19 19 Lone Wolf 6”

HPR 10mm 165gr. 1298 9 9 Same

Remington .40 180gr. 942 20 20 Same

Underwood 10mm 180gr. 1304 23 23 Same


I could not get the Underwood to stop jamming, even with switching out the stock RSA to a 24lb Wolf spring. The hot rod HPR 165gr. ammo was pleasant to shoot, the 180gr. Underwood, not so. I decided to order a Lone Wolf .40 S&W barrel and a bunch of Freedom Munitions .40 ammo with a 165gr. bullet to try in IDPA. I normally shoot a Ruger GP100 Match Champion with .38 spl., but thought I'd give the Glock a try for giggles. It's something I put together a while back with an old 2nd gen lower and a new 3rd gen upper. Just something to fiddle with. Anyhow, the 10mm can really scream and is fun.



Blackey - Still looking.

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