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Just saw something I'd never even imagined


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I was looking for a picture of my grandmother's grave. Looking for her age.


Found this while searching.




I've seen family plots, with all the kids next to Mom and Dad, but never anything like this.

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If you do the math, it looks like there was a 28 years span between the 1st child and the last.


My Grandma had 12 kids that span about 30 years of birth.


My dads oldest sister had a son that was older than my dad.


In other words, my dad was an uncle to an older nephew.




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Remarkably long lives for many of them.

Sadly short for others

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One of my ancestors was married at 14, had 15 children, was widowed in her early 30s, raised all of the kids by herself on a Tennessee rocky top farm.

I have a picture of her in her "widow weeds", sitting in her rocker with a corn cob pipe in her hand and a whiskey jug on the floor beside her. She was 104 years old when the picture was taken.

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My dad was the youngest of thirteen that lived, He had four other siblings that passed at birth or were stillborn. He was an uncle a year or more before he was born. His oldest brother was more than thirty years older than he was.


Mom is the second youngest of nine! She'll be 83 in March.


My dad has one sister still living. She's in her mid to late 90s!


Mom has sisters also in their 90s!

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