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Short and simple..........


Will a Uberti '73 in .44 Special chamber and shoot .44 Russian?



The Russian will chamber and shoot in a 44 Special chambered '73, however it will not load the Russian from the magazine via the lifter without a modified lifter.



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I was happily surprised to find out that my '73 in .45 Colt would work/feed/load/shoot with .45 Schofield rounds. I was just hoping to find out if I could do the same with my new '73 in .44 Special and use .44 Russian.


I just happen to know the gent who sells those modified lifters.


Or I could just shoot the Russian in the pistols and Special in the rifle.


Either way, I'm good.


Thanks to all who responded. I do appreciate your time.

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Like all the other good answers.

Shoot yes.

But would need modification to cycle short round.

I have a very nice one in Classifieds forsale.


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