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BP pistol caliber bullet survey

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You will not get any leading with Black Powder.


I don't know why, but I have been shooting Black Powder for a long time, and there is never any leading to clean out of the chambers or bore.




I shot an original Smith Carbine ( breach loader) and never had a leading problem. Finding a good lube for your guns will help in performance.



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Brinell testing -

I use graphite drawing pencils.


From art supply shop, get Pacific Arc or Pro Art pencil set


Here's some conversions between useful graphite hardness (the mark on the pencil) to Brinell hardness that works real well:


6B => 5 Brinell (soft lead)

2B => 11 Brinell (just about perfect for SASS)

HB => 15 Brinell (hard cast, what Lyman #2 or hard-ball commercial alloy is close to)

H => 20 Brinell (linotype)


How to use pencils? Find a flat spot on your alloy. Flat nose or base of bullet works best. Hold pencil so the tip can be pushed into the surface of the lead at about a 45 degree angle from vertical. If pencil skates off without leaving a gouge on the lead, then go to a harder pencil until you can get a gouge mark. That will be the hardness of the lead (on that pencil).


A little bit of a flat on the tip of the pencil lead will gouge more accurately than the tip right out of the sharpener.


Good luck, GJ

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