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Zulu Shotgun


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I picked up one of these up for a Grant a few weeks back. It's missing the firing pin, spring and screw. I am trying to find someone has one and could post pics of these missing parts. My friend is a machinist and can easily replicate the firing pin with dimensions.



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OP the term "Zulu" shotgun just means a class of cheap, cobbled together single shot firearms made for the African trade. They were made from French, Belgium, British and other surplus military arms or cobbled together out of any cheap civilian guns that were avaiable. You will need a much more detailed description of what you have and PHOTOS to have any chance to find what you are looking for.

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I have a blue car. It needs a new transmission. Can anyone help?

Let's see...

Yes, we can place a GM 350 turbo tranny in your vehicle.

Might have to replace the engine, rear end, suspension and surrounding chassis as well to make it fit, but it can be done.

Might have to slightly modify a few other things as well.

And the cost possibly could be a bit high, but doggone it - we will get a new transmission in there for you.

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There was one in a local pawn shop a couple of years ago. I would love to have seen it fired. From a distance. By someone else. Pretty ratty and rather frightening.

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Some of these old shotguns had Snider like actions. Check out the British Militaria websites and you may find someone with some info. Be prepared to post pictures. Good Luck.






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