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Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532


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I have the following guns for sales. No trades. All prices include shipping. Prefer USPS money orders as method of payment.


(1) two (2) Ruger New Model vaqueros, 45 Colt, 4 5/8" barrels, High Gloss Stainless Steel, Will only sale as a pair, NIB $1250.00


I bought these because I had never used Ruger in 25+ years of CAS thought I would see what I was missing but found I do not like the grip design or balance.


(2) Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited, 45 Colt, 24"octagon barrel, checkered stock, has usual safe dings on stock. $1100.00 ​SOLD PENDING FUNDS


This was my wife's rifle but she quit shooting regularly after a couple years and it has sat in the safe since except for a few shoots in the

preceding year


(3) Uberti 1866 Short Rifle, 44-40 Winchester, 20" barrel, in the white, action job and short stroke kit (this was done prior my trading for rifle) I don't know what kind of SS kit was used, previous owner stated gun has been test fired only and was a backup gun, I have never fired it, I did remove the brass carrier and lighten it . $1150.00


(4) Uberti 1860 Henry, 45 Colt, Blued with case hardened steel frame, 24.25" barrel, No modifications other than stock springs lightened.



(5) Uberti 1866 SRC, 44-40 Winchester, Chief Crazy Horse model, brass plating is faded on some of the tacks. $975.00


My phone is my only camera at present and I have had no luck using photo bucket, will e-mail pictures on request.


Thanks in advance for any interest shown

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