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Wolfgang, SASS #53480

then the fight started . . . .

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A few things I learned early in my marriage - been married to my Lady for 36 years, so it all worked out.


Never say "Just shut your mouth and listen". It does not have the desired effect...


Never help your wife clean our her side of the closet by tossing a crusty pair of sneakers that it turns out are her favorite shoes in the whole world. I still hear about that one.


Diplomacy is learned quickly after answering this question honestly - "Do these pants make my butt look big"?...Yes, I answered honestly.


Never say, "Who the hell taught you to drive, let's get moving". That will guarantee and extra half hour added to any trip.


After a tiff over something trivial make sure your wife is definitely out of ear shot before grumbling and mumbling about her...


These are just a few of the things that could end with "...and then the fight started" :D


Never an issue with Mrs. Doc. She has a nickname that is a play on Mario Andretti's name. We were looking for a new vehicle for her one time and during a test drive, the salesman commented "I notice you're an aggressive driver." I think she is actually stressing about replacing her dying Subaru because of the dearth of manual transmission choices available. If we could afford it, I have a feeling she would end up with a WRX.

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Was walking along a lake with the 1st wife one day, and a buxum brunette walked by wearing a tiny slingshot bathing suit.

Of course the wife caught me with my tounge hanging out, and asked "How come you never look at ME like that?"

I told her the truth..........."Cuz......... you never look look like that"

I haven't seen her in 30 years, go figure..................................



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