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Rileigh,4 and Austin, 2 were shouting goodbye across the water from Shelter Island as the USS Carl Vinson carried their dad, Josh Buetow, away on deployment Thursday.

Officer Weaver tells NBC 7 he noticed the children and thought he could help their little voices be heard.

“As I was sitting there,” he remembers, “I saw the family over here and the two little kids were by the rocks over here screaming to dad yelling bye and I figured that he couldn’t hear them cause I could barely hear them from across the parking lot, so I just pulled my car over and asked if they wanted to use the PA.”

Brettany posted two photos of the kids using the PA to say goodbye to their dad along with a post that read: “Shout out to the San Diego Police Officer who pulled up next to us and asked if Rileigh and Austin wanted to tell their daddy they loved him as his ship went by, leaving for deployment. They got to speak into the microphone and say, ‘bye daddy, we love you!!’ I am so grateful for ALL of the men and women in uniform who serve and protect our country!”

Source: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Officer-Lets-Kids-Say-Goodbye-to-Navy-Dad-Over-PA-System-409993615.html#ixzz4VDRSi0Vy
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Something so simple and costing nothing that will live in that family's memory forever.

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That man'll do!!

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