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Ft Lauderdale Airport shooting brings immediate cries for gun control

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Sen Bill Nelson D-FL spoke of "needed legislation" within minutes of the shooting.


It appears now that the killer had a legally checked firearm in his luggage and flew in from Alaska. Upon landing, he retrieved the weapon and loaded it while in a restroom, then emerged and began firing.


There will be a push now to ban firearms from checked baggage completely! This would be a game changer for shooters travelling to events or hunting trips via the airlines!

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Another doggie giving the antis some ammo. We formerly flew back and forth from the family ranch carrying our firearms on board.

How disarming us from even carrying a Swiss Army knife makes us safer in a Safe Zone for Terrorists completely escapes me!!!

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While watching the never ending hand wringing on network news today, I came to the realization that the main reason I hate flying is that I hate being unable to defend myself!!

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The police are only minutes away when seconds count.


I love Idaho!!!!

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I've flown with firearms.


Doing so required they be in locked, approved containers that were checked in... and retrieving at the other end required waiting in a line at the counter - they were not dumped on the carousel with the rest of the luggage.


That's been a while... has the process changed? :huh:

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Since the approved locked container must be inside a piece of checked locked luggage with nothing on the outside indicating presence of a firearm; how can baggage handlers separate that luggage form others on the flight? If their was a indication of a firearm on the outside no firearm would make it to your flight.

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Firearms do not have to be inside checked baggage. I have flown with firearms several times lately and in most airports you check your bags at the counter and then take your guns to the TSA for inspection. Once inspected you are not allowed to handle the gun case again. When you arrive at your destination each airport is different, at some, guns come in with other baggage, at others they come in to a separate counter.


TSA web site https://www.tsa.gov/travel/transporting-firearms-and-ammunition

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