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Derringer question


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Whiskey Hayes, That is a beautiful gun.


Bond is about to launch a brand new derringer with a 6" barrel!!!!
They are having a contest to name it.
If your suggested name is used, they'll give you a free 6" gun.

Hmmm....Maybe they were reading my thread here and decided to help me out..

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Win the naming contest & get the 6" gun.

Then, all you'll need to do is buy the shorter barrel for SASS.

Maybe they'll let you use their 50% off for a second barrel.

Hope you win.

They have over 4,000 entries. I'm one of them. I may try to get in another name too. I'm trying to think of a good one. Only one I could think of was "Otso" a Mythical Bear called the King of the Forest. Figured that'd be fitting considering the size of the dang thing.

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Talked to a friend about these. He has one that he may let me have at a good price. I don't know what it is just yet but it may be a good deal. I've bought guns off him before, he never asks a lot for them.

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Most of what I've seen has been about 3". I doubt that having a 4" would make much of a difference.

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I try to shoot every side match, especially Long Range Buffalo rifle, Lever pistol and Lever rifle,

Long Range pistol, pocket pistol and deringer plus Quigley bucket match.


I guess I don't understand why any nice deringer would languish in a unused in a gun safe.

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