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Good Practice or Waste of Time and Resources

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I'm in the 'Minimalist' posse also.


Ruger pistols: about once a year.

SG 97: I swab the bore with an oily patch every 75-100 rounds

Marlin rifle: whenever it starts to feel sluggish, or a couple times a year.


In my opinion, the type of powder residue and your lubricants can create hardened crud OR prevent it.

Try to use relatively clean burning powder and good lubes and you may discover a lot of your cleaning methods can be reduced to just a good wiping off of your guns.




Widder, mebbe ya just needs to pour a teaspoon of a Geritol down the pipe, that oughta take care of your Marlins sluggishness :)



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We have a pard here, a top local shooter, who doesn't clean his Marlin for literally YEARS. People have looked at it at the loading/unloading tables and asked, "How does this thing even work?" :lol:

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I never have issues with getting parts back in place, I did all my slicking and stuff on my own. I feel like I have no business owning a gun I can't disassemble and reassemble. Don't think negatively about other people who believe differently, but for myself I expect a lot. So, poor reassembly isn't something I'm really worried about.

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Dukes Up Dan,

As you can see there are many different opinions on this issue and many different methods of cleaning one's guns...or not cleaning ;)

Some people like Hoppe's, some use something else.

Some use bore snakes, others use rod systems.

Some people use lube often some don't.


Does that mean that anyone here is wrong in their methods? NOPE

They are your guns, not mine, nor anyone else's here.

Do what you are most comfortable with.

Try different methods, if you like, and see what works for you.


I wouldn't stress about it.

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