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WTS: used set of RCBS 45LC reloading dies (carbide)

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WTS a set of RCBS 45LC reloading dies. These are well used -- I'm sure I've reloaded thousands of 45LC's on 'em -- but in good working order. These are tough dies; they'll wear out a bunch of humans before they finally give up the ghost.


The resizing die is carbide lined so no need to lube cases before full-length resizing. Comes in the RCBS green plastic box (label missing as I ran the box thru the dishwasher to rid it of accumulated oil and bullet lube) and comes with the correct #11 shell holder.


What's wrong with 'em? Nothing really. I got plenty of good use out of 'em but, with the passage of time, find that I do most of my reloading on Lee dies and prefer 'em to RCBS so I finally bot a set of Lee dies and now the RCBS dies are redundant to my needs. In the interest of full disclosure, let me pass on two objections/irritations I have to 'em. The decapping pins break more than I like. They're cheap if ordered from Brownells but it's still an irritation to change 'em. The resizing die does have a new decapping pin in it. Also, these dies do not have a crimp function (as Lee dies do) so, after completing the reloading process, I jerry-rigged my 45ACP dies to put a crimp on the cartridges. Again, not all that much additional time to crimp 'em but there was the irritation factor.


Price is $25 which includes shipping. No need to go to the hassle of a money order; your personal check will be fine with me.


The SASS PM sometimes plays games with me so prob easier to contact me by email, fortrenokid@sbcglobal.net.




Fort Reno Kid



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