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They musta had money.


Gun comes out in 88 and grandma's using it in 95. Normally "poor homesteaders" don't have that new a gun.





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Those gauntlets look a little genteel , also. And most sure-nuff homesteader pictures that I have seen the subjects are quite thin. Maybe by 1895 things had picked up a bit.

Nice buck she has on the ground.


There was nothing saying she was a homesteader.


Her clothing does suggest she was a Woman of Means. Nice jacket that is nicely trimmed, nice blouse with a fancy pin holding the collar closed,. As you point out, fancy gauntlets. A scarf, maybe silk, a well made bonnet. As Alpo pointed out, a fairly new rifle.


I did a bit of digging and found:




which has the caption, "Augusta "Gusty" Higgins Farnham, circa 1895. Photo courtesy of Museum of Northwest Colorado"






One of the earliest luminaries was Augusta "Gusty" Higgins Farnham. During the summer of 1860, she arrived in Denver with her husband atop a wagonload of whisky barrels pulled behind six oxen. They traveled on to Canon City, then to Salt Lake City where, she said, there were only three other Gentile women. She saw the Rockies as they were before settlement and she hunted mule deer where no white sportsman had hunted before. She saw the early results of her push for wildlife conservation in legislation signed by Theodore Roosevelt. With rifle and camera, she was, for her time, the quintessential outdoors woman.





Take another look at how that belt nips in her waist. Those dresses can add a a lot of weight to a woman. While she isn't model-anorexic, she ain't "Junk Food Addict Fat" either

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