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FS: Once-fired brass - 9mm, .40, .45 ACP

Jed Irons

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I've got more brass than I know what to do with, so I figured I'd see if anyone was interested here. This has been tumbled and deprimed (but not re-sized) and sorted by headstamp. I left out any really tarnished brass; this is shiny stuff.




1.) 200 pcs of 9mm, Winchester headstamp - $12 + shipping

2.) 100 pcs of 9mm, Remington headstamp - $8 + shipping

3.) 100 pcs of 9mm, Federal headstamp - $8 + shipping


OR all 400 pcs of 9mm, $28 and I'll pay shipping.


4.) 250 pcs of .40 S&W, Winchester headstamp - $33 + shipping

5.) 150 pcs of .40 S&W, Federal headstamp - $20 + shipping

6.) 100 pcs of .40 S&W, Blazer headstamp - $13 + shipping


OR all 500 pcs of .40 S&W, $60 and I'll pay shipping.


7.) 100 pcs of .45 ACP, Winchester headstamp, all large pistol primer pockets - $15 + shipping


If you buy multiples we'll work out some kind of deal.

Reply here or PM me if interested. I will get the cheapest shipping available, either First Class or in a cheap Flat Rate Priority box.

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