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Marlin Cowboy Carty SS for sale 38/357

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I have a really nice Short Stroke Marlin for sale. It's built by Cowboy Carty and is a 20 inch 38/357 Deluxe. The stock has been modified to a crescent style and is the exact same as a Uberti 73. The balance is more "flat" as the 73 as well and IMO makes the gun handle better. Guns looks great and doesn't have the usual SASS dings......lol


If you have any questions PM me. I have pics I can email you as well. $1350 plus actual shipping.


Here's a video of me test driving it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPe7DDAPRTE


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Edit's not working and I also forgot to add that the rifle was sent away for a really nice trigger job as well. I "think" Slater did the work but Widder dropped it off for so I'm not 100% on that. I'll get with Widder and make sure about the Smith.....but either way the trigger is very very nice.

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CONFIRM..... If this rifle is the one Junky showed me, the trigger is a 'Slater' trigger mod and in my opinion, they are great.


Slater welds the trigger/sear as one piece and smooths out the sear/hammer cocking notch really nice.

Then he uses the trigger/lever safety bar to function as a trigger stop. It is truly a neat setup.


I have handled this particular rifle and I honestly ran numerous rounds thru it and found it to be flawless in function and feel.


My opinion, this rifle has no functioning flaws and if the owner knows how to run a Marlin and feeds it properly OAL ammo, I think this rifle is 100% battle ready. Carty did a great job with his rifle work.


If I shot .38 ammo in SASS/CAS, I would have already stolen this rifle away from Junky..... ;)


CHILI RON: Yes, its a Short Stroker.




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