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I am looking for a 44 spl revolver. My preference is a 3rd gen Colt, but not sure I have enough cash for a Colt right now. That being said, if you have a 4 3/4 or 5 1/2 Colt, let me know how much it would take to get one. (would also consider a Colt Sheriff model).


I have been looking elsewhere and it appears the Cimarron revolvers are the closest thing I can get to a Colt in 44spl, and I have listed model numbers. When I called Cimarron last week, they were out of 44's until about March. I think the Pre-war are closest to the Colt, but any input is welcome.


I am not looking for 44mag guns, as the last set of those I had in a SAA were too heavy and not balanced well.


My preference are guns that have not had action jobs, just been used but not abused.


Post here, send me a pm, or email Maddog5672@yahoo.com.


Thanks and let me know what you have.



Cimarron models are as follows:


MP677 .44 Special 4 3/4 in. Model P Case Hardened Old Model Standard Blue


MP678 .44 Special 5 1/2 in. Model P Case Hardened Old Model Standard Blue


MP680 .44 Special 4 3/4 in. Case Hardened Pre-War Standard Blue


MP681 .44 Special 5 1/2 in. Case Hardened Pre-War Standard Blue


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None for sale at the moment, but the average price in the PNW for used 3rd Gen Colt SAAs for the past 20 years or so has been running around $1000- $1500.

I also have a pair of dual-cylinder .44spl/.44-40 Cimarron "New Thunderers" that are quality arms at 1/2 to 3/4 the cost.





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  1. Rex, Sent an Email.

Rooster Ron Wayne, Sent a PM

M.M. Wright- I used to have 7.5 inch Colts and shoot them about 10 years ago, but the way the game has changed I am looking for short barreled guns now. Thanks for the reply

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If it helps with your decision, I sold a 3rd Generation Colt 4 3/4" .44 Special and kept a like configured Uberti. Absolutely no functional difference and the Uberti has provided yeoman service, especially in the field!


Good luck in your quest.



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