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Another Poorly Written Gun Article

Subdeacon Joe

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Please add your comments.

Such gems as



Rifles with bullet buttons for the quick swap of ammunition magazines




Dec. 21 was the last day to purchase a gun with bullet buttons, because of the 10-day wait for a background check. He said he’d shot his first deer several months ago, and wanted to expand his arsenal.

(likely he has one rifle - that is an "arsenal" now)






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That EBR in the picture isn't legal in CA under the old CA AWB, except under the exceptions carved out for LEO's. It has too many features. The Rainier Arms lower wasn't mfg before 2000 or 1990. The black device attached to the muzzle disappeared from CA legal AR's after 1989.




Under the revised CA AWB even if your bullet button AR has an A2 "Fixed" stock or your bullet button gun requires either installing a fixed magazine device or removing the pistol grip to not require registration. Exile Machine makes a CA legal replacement for the pilot grip. The product model is called the "Hammerhead". http://www.exilemachine.net/shop/exile-machine-hammerhead-ca-legal-ar-stock-adapter-blk-1.html

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