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38 Short Colt brass WTB

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If anyone has some 38 Short Colt brass they want to sell please let me know. I know I can get new from Starline but I am hoping to get some used cheaper than the price of new. I am going to be making 380 blanks out of them.



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Might I suggest you talk to a cowboy shooter who has a case trimmer. Anyone who has shot much has had 38 special and .357 mag cases crack on the ends,. I have trimmed lots of them to 38 Short Colt length to make shells for a derringer. You stated Short Colt and not .38 S&W which are different. .


Easy to do especially if you have drill motor attachment for a case trimmer.

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Without going into too much detail, I was cutting down 38 Spl. cases but the 38 Short Colt work much better for the blanks. But thanks for the info. Have a Merry Christmas.

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