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Using a Shotgun To Save an Elk

Subdeacon Joe

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I wondered how he was going t do that. Good job on his part. I'll bet that elk's ears rang after that. :blink:


When I was 16 I freed a white tale from a bunch of brambles. A pack of dogs ran it into a pile of snow covered vines and brambles and it's legs were all hung up. I ran the dogs off and then used my coat to cover the deer's eyes by wrapping it around it's head and antlers.That's a trick I learned from Marlin Perkins on TV. I tugged and pulled the deer by his antlers and got him free. As soon as he was clear I let go of his antlers. As I was pulling on my jacket to free his vision and get my jacket back and darned if he didn't take off like a shot as soon as he could see. I watched him bound off with my coat tangled in his antlers. I lost a coat but gained a fantastic experience.


Good on that hunter for saving this animal.

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