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Santa got me a new rifle!

Knuckles Bandera #43963

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Santa must have not been watching you all that close this past year. LOL .


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Nice, two thumbs up!

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It's a real looker. Can't wait to try her out.


I've heard about the problems with the 1866 loading gate with the lower calibers (like my 38spl).

Do y'all think I should try and get that reinforced loading gate tab before I even try cycling the ammo? Has Uberti addressed this issue with the newer models?

If it gets stuck, not sure what to do....?

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Beautiful rifle. Congratulations.


Ya got some good gunsmiths in NC that can advise, and help if needed, about your concerns for that loading gate tab.


THREE CUT is one of those whose name I can think of at this time.




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Reinforcing the loading gate tab is the FIRST thing I do with any '66 I acquire whether it is Brand new as yours is or well used . I posted a tutorial on another post. This has been around for a long time and I claim NO credit for it other than I found it again to help another '66 shooter.


Get some JB Weld at the hardware or auto parts store and follow the tutorial....you will NEVER have a problem with it.


Nice to have that kind of confidence in your gear!!



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Loading gate? It WILL break some day. Modify it now then never worry about it.

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