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"Suitable For Vegetarians"

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3-4 units daily?.... I need to dump my doc and get one from the UK!

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I blew the lable up. 25 ml. Times 4 is 100 ml, so 40 to a liter.


33.8 ounces divided by 40 "units" comes to 0.845 ounces per unit.


Four units is about three anda half ounces.


Also says "do not REGULARLY EXCEED", so once in a while it oughta be okay.


Don't drink any for a couple weeks, and then chug the bottle. :P

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You could limit yourself to one drink a day.
Given a calendar and a good sharp pencil, you could drink ahead a little just to make sure you didn't skip a day.

(Alcohol is still carried on the US Pharmaopoea as a prescription drug. We know it has medical benefits, it kills germs, there are legitimate medicinal uses for the stuff!)

(You can justify anything a'tall with the right language!)

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Occasional drinking is OK.


Sundown is an occasion, isn't it?

Monday works for me. At least today it does.

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