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Colbert Shoots Double Barrel

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Libtard late night talk show host just closed a two row and fake fired it 5 times without re-loading. Argh

Borrowed it from Elmer Fudd. ;)

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I know not of what you spake.



I usually do not watch the pinko but somehow caught one of his skits where he is saying he hears something on the roof. Has to be either Santa or a burglar. No matter, he opines in this brave new Trump era and whips out a prop double barrel and fake recoils 5 times at the ceiling whilst the prop man lets go with the booms. I failed to find the humor in his deploreable antics as there was none.

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Kina' reminds me of our outgoing Liar in Chief and his posed shooting photo back in '08!!

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I doubt anyone who tunes in regularly caught the error. At least I could watch Letterman occasionally without being overly offended. Tried Colbert for his 1st week and determined that his brand of insults to us "Deplorables" were unbearable. His comedy only appeals to brain dead progressives. One progressive that get's it is Anthony Bordain. He has stated that coastal liberals constant denigration of working class Americans resulted in the election of Donald Trump.

P.S. I am not the stereotypical "Deplorable". I am a retired STEM professional who lived in the SF Bay Area until I retired. I received part of my post secondary education at the most famous liberal public institution of higher learning during the mid 60's. I had graduated right before the "Gipper" sent the CA National Guard to end the anti Vietnam War riots on campus.

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