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SOLD PENDING FUNDS Older Thompson Center Hawken Rifle .50 Cal. Percussion

Tinpan McGurk

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Still down-sizing so more stuff out of storage


I have gotten lazy in my old age and don't shoot Black Powder any more--


Older T/C Hawken .50 caliber percussion dual set triggers, 28"" blued octagon barrel with 1 in 48 twist rate, brass patch box, standard factory sights, I have a few spare brass screws etc for it.. I never liked the glossy finish so I had stripped it and put on a hand rubbed boiled linseed oil finish which to my eye looks better on a copy of an old percussion rifle.. It does have a fiberglass ramrod... it stood up to use better than the wooden one did but you could replace it with a wood one if you are particular, also has a spare jag in the patch box


Good and clean a few handling and storage marks from over the years but not much..Good shooter with patched ball or maxis, I'll throw in some good ticking for patches and 25 lead round ball and 25 lead maxis......$275 shipped direct to you unless your state requires shipping to ffl. I know NJ, and Ill require ffl there may be others so check your local laws.


Here is a link with pics https://goo.gl/photos/KV7jouyfCRP6dFE27 PM me with your email if you want more pics


Thanks for looking and thanks to all the pards that have helped me clear out some of this stuff..more to come


Tinpan McGurk SASS# 82891

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Thanks, just wondering if you had a 30". I have a pair of old TC Hawken .50's, a standard 28" and a factory 30" which is supposed to be pretty rare. When I got it, I contacted TC because it looked "strange", longer than the other TC Hawkens my shooting buddy's had. TC sent me a letter telling me they made a special run just for sale in Delaware because at that time (late 60's? early 70's?) Delaware required a minimum 30" BP barrel. The gun isn't marked "Delaware Model" or anything like that, just has a longer barrel than any other TC Hawken we'd seen from that era.

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I've got a special T/C made Hawken round ball barrel.

If I remember correctly, it is 32: with a 1-in-66 twist.

Don't see many of them nowadays


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