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Replacement shotgun hammers?

Three Foot Johnson

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I've seen shotgun hammer "blanks" somewhere in the past, but can't find any such thing online now - rough cast hammers you could order with a specified throw range and no hole. I recently bought a MASSIVE New Ithaca Gun/NIG 10g that has the wrong hammers on it, and need to replace them. The ones that are on it strike the firing pins at a severe downward angle, don't properly line up with the firing pins, and rebound too far - at rest, they are a full half inch from the firing pins. The right side fires reliably with primed cases, but the left side only ignites the primer about one in three times on the first attempt.

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I bought a Stevens 225 that was missing hammers. I used Chinese hammers. The hole were too big and not indexed right. I welded up the holes, drilled a new hole and used a Swiss file to square them out. Since this picture was taken I cleaned up the grinding marks then soaked them in a vinegar bath to take off the black coating. I then put them in oak sawdust to brown up. Kind of matches the rest of the gun.


I offered this information just in case you can find a set of hammers with the right arc but wrong hole size. Depending on how much off the hammers you have are, you may be able to weld them up and make the new hole further down.

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