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And so it is that magical season again!

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I just got the bestest Christmas present ever.

Mr. Michael Pinathai, of Kasikorn Bank Thailand,

has $25,500,000.00 that belonged to a dead American

who died in a plane crash in 2003. He, being an honest

man, wants to pirate this sum out of the country and into

the USA. For the privilege of using my bank account, he

is going to share 40% with me and the other 60% will be

shared with two other partners of his. By my reckoning that

40% comes out to be about $10,200,000.00. Of course if

I were as "honest" as Mr. Pinathai, I could keep it all.

Anyway, all I had to do was send him some personal information

and he is going to send me all that money. :D

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BMC, my cut is 30%. How did you get 40%? As a partner I hope you are aware that this should be kept secret. I am afraid our enterprise is now in jeopardy...I was really looking forward to that shop and 12 car garage too...

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Hope you are at least buying us all a round here in the saloon.

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When ya get that money, I will be happy to sell you my 1/2 interest in the Bonneville Dam down here on the Columbia (which allows you to dip Salmon from the fish ladder as a side benefit). Your cost will only be around Five Million. Are ya in?

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