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A nice Christmas gift..... again

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Back in 1993, our only child was born. A little girl.


The week she was born, I bought her a Winchester 9422, NIB.


Well, that rifle still sits in my safe. And although its been shot, it is in pristine condition...wood and blueing is as perfect as the day I bought it. I even have the box.


WELL, this year, that rifle is gonna get wrapped up and given to its rightful owner..... my little girl.


She's married now and she and her hubby both shoot. But I think she has forgotten about that rifle belonging to her.....24 Christmas ago.


I venture to guess it will put a nice twinkle in her eyes when she opens it.





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Or you could give it to me. That way I would have a matched pair, since Blue Boy bought one for my mom and I have it now.



Great idea, though

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I just have this vision of "darling dotter" saying, "Dang, Dad, you take re-gifting to a whole new level. Give me a present, and then years later give me THE SAME PRESENT."

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Wonderful idea!!!


Now that would be a "Kodak moment".

Yes in deed great idea. I would bet she forgot it was there.

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