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Sold -- Thanks

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Sold -- Thanks


Good Afternoon folks:

I have a pair of Pietta steel-framed Snubbies.

Navy grips -- some engraving on the brass backstraps

.36 caliber

Treso nipples

1861 barrels cut to 3 1/4 inches & crowned by Colorado Coffinmaker

Front sights made by Coffinmaker

Cap Guards by Rowdy Yates of Lee's Gunsmithing

Actions by Coffinmaker

Bolts fit the bolt notches & timing is spot-on

Bores and cylinder chambers are nice

Cylinders are roll engraved

"BT" (2003) & "CI" (2012)

$325 each, shipped USPS Priority Mail, insured where legal -- Know yer laws



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Well, think about it for the next coupla weeks.

We're off to Lake Tahoe, California for the holidays.

Let me know anytime before the first, and I'll set them aside for ya



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I've shot these guns once and believe me they are a HOOT!!!! Hurry and buy 'em, before I raid my Christmas fund!! :lol:

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I have a pair just like them.

A whole lot of fun to shoot.

And double fun shootin gunfighter.

With the cap guards and action work they are dependable

enough to shoot gunfighter all day.

And not a better fellow to do business with.

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