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Get the Marlin, money well spent.


I have a older JM Marlin in .44 Magnum. It has the 20 inch octagon barrel. I do not use it for CAS, it is a woods gun carried in a scabbard under my right knee when on my horse. It is tuned and shoots any flavor of .44 mag. They exist just have to look around for one.....

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I have bought and sold maney Marlins .

Personally I never liked them .


I have three slick 92s in 44 mag that I love.

Everyone says the 92 is slow .

Not true .


The 92 can be run faster then most shooters can shoot.

Look up Deuce Stevens Rossi 92 on YouTube.


I did buy a 73 in 44 special that Im running BP loads threw.

Alot easier to clean BP out of a 73 then the 92.


But IMHO you should look at a 92 in 44 mag .

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The 1873 Winchester action isn't strong enough for .44 Magnum.

Uberti makes the 73 in 44 mag .

So it must pass standered presher specs.


I would not run a stady load of hot 44 mags threw one .

But I would imagine a diet of cowboy loads of 44 mag

it should run for a very long time .


But they have them listed on thier website .

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I got a 73 & a 66 in 44 special Tom, nicer cartridge than mag I think.

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I got a 73 & a 66 in 44 special Tom, nicer cartridge than mag I think.

Me too

I have a 66 and a 73 in 44 special.

Love them both

I have three 92s in 44 mag .

If I was to choise any rifle in 44 mag ,

It would be the 92 .

Run them down to light 44 specials,

Or Hot 44 mag .

The 92 will do it all.


I look at the 66 and 73 as sexy 44 special rifles .

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Dang right they're out there....






...not even close to for sale, though.


Regarding the strength of the 1873 action, I've not seen a single documented case of an action destroyed, but over on the CAS forum there are a couple of pics of toggle link actions that were over loaded. In each case, the action survived intact, the barrel, not so much.

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