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Who is Buying What ?

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I stocked up on powder, primers, shot, bullets and brass when the last supply crunch ended and prices came down. Also increased my stockpile of .22 ammo. Got plenty of Pyrodex, percussion caps and black powder for my muzzle-loading rifles, and a dependable source of lead for casting bullets and round balls for them.

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IF I was the type of person who owned *gasp* guns, and if I was the retired sort, I would have built a new workshop and purchased a lifetime supply of components before I retired :blush:


...and maybe I would pick up a bulk box of .22 or 9mm any time I visited such a place that might sell that sort of stuff, because range time and practice is fun!

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I have not seen or heard of "panic" buying as was exhibited for both of the previous presidential elections.

My son's favorite two shops in Georgia report an uptick in sales.


FBI reported another record setting background checks.


My favorite Indiana gun shop reports an uptick too. Shop also states manufactures are better prepared this time.


Time will tell.


I've got all my ammo reloaded for the '17 SASS season and enough reloading supplies for most of '18.


As for non-SASS preparations, no comment.

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