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Mission accomplished!

Went to San Antonio for a match today. After the match went to a gun show. Picked up a Henry Golden Boy. Also looked at a Henry pump, but just did not like the looks of the metal on the reciever. I'm happy with the GB. Gonna break it in tomorrow after church!

Also saw a really nice original Colt Lightning in 22. Was really tight. I was really tempted.

Congratulations Pard .

I knew you could pull off getting one before it was to late .

I bought the Uberti cattelmen to go with my a Goldenboy .

What a great match with the brass and wood on these two guns


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I don't have a 22 pistol......

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Browning BL22 followed by Henry are my favorite lever guns


If money is no object Winchester model 52 bolt action, one of the best .22's ever made but hugely expensive


Remington 513 T and Mossberg 44 and 144 are also both very good bolters and a lot cheaper than model 52. These three would be contenders if you are looking for a target gun. The Mossies tend to get overlooked but the barrels were lapped and they can certainly hold their own even with a Win 52.


If you are looking for a fast action in my opinion the BL22 is about as fast as you can get with a factory .22 because of the out of the box short lever throw.


Tinpan McGurk

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I've got Marlin 39A's and D's, have a CZ452, Ruger 77/22RS, Browning trad hunter 1885, 10/22, and Remington Scoremaster single shot and tube fed but my out and out favorite carry rifle is a Savage 29A pump. :wub: Most accurate is a toss up between the CZ and the Ruger 77/22 but the Marlin is not far behind if you hand feed the ammo. I've had Winchester 1890, 62A, and 9422 but what the dopeheads didn't steal I foolishly sold off many years ago.


Pistol? You need Single six or Colt Peacemaker .22 for cowboy and all around but let me tell you about my Colt 2nd Model Match Target........

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Got my pistol! Found a Ruger Single Six, old model. $300. I reckon it was made in mid-60s. I like the blade front sight a lot more than the ramp.

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