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Rancho Roy

Black Powder Rifle Shoot in Massachusetts!

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A few folks have asked about this shoot. Here's the info...


3rd Annual Black Powder Military & Sporting Small Arms Meet

Saturday, November 5, 2016 - 9am

Reading Rifle - Outdoor Covered Range
(See directions below)

Open to: Everyone!

Historical dress preferred! (but not required)

Fee - $10 (includes a cookout lunch). Kids 16 and under free.

Firearms - Original or faithful replicas of military & sporting black powder
muzzleloading or cartridge rifles, smoothbores, handguns
circa 1550-1888. Please remember that this is not a benchrest
shoot. Cast bullets only. Black powder substitutes okay (if you
absolutely must)

Targets - Metal gongs at various distances from 25-180 yards

Wooden chunks at 180 yards in the gravel berm
Paper Targets at 25/50/100/165 yards if desired

Metal gongs at 200-300 Yards (afternoon)


New in afternoon - A competition firing at metal gongs. Offhand only.

Target: approx 1 foot square metal gong

Classes: - Smoothbore (50 yds)

- Any muzzleloader (100 yds)

- Cartridge or muzzleloading rifles with open or as issued

military iron sights 200-300 yds

- Cartridge or muzzleloading rifles with other

sights (200-300 yds)

Prizes: Competitors will pay $5 for 5 shots

Winner will pocket half the proceeds for his class.


This will be a friendly meet for people who own and shoot these great old weapons and for anyone interested in doing so. It will be a great opportunity for all to share information and experience with other black powder enthusiasts, get zeros out to 180 yards and beyond and to try out little used black powder closet queens. Among the participants you can expect to see are flintlock shooters, Victorian Riflemen with Martini Henrys and Sniders, and Civil War Skirmishers with rifle muskets and early black powder cartridge rifles & carbines.

People who have interest in these weapons but do not own any are most welcome to attend and enjoy a wonderful opportunity to see, handle and fire these fine old historic weapons.

A cookout lunch will be provided at noontime, followed by more shooting at
the Covered Range AND at metal gongs at 200-300 yards for those who have confirmed 180 yard zeros and have rifles, sights & loads capable of longer distance.

Contact: Fred Gowen
Fgowen @ comcast.net
978-664-4256 (9am-7pm, leave message)
(If you plan to attend please call or email so that we
will know how many shooters to expect & feed!)

Directions to Reading Rifle: Go to readinghighpower.com



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