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Powder question for 45 LC reloaders

Dutch Coroner

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Howdy- for RIFLE stuff, .45 Colt-

I favor 250gr LFP bullet, loved Clays powder, back when it wasn't unobtainium, learned to work with Trail Boss, even with it's desire to not meter well in my powder measure ( ok, it was like to give me an apoplexy ) . Found that mid range loads, crimped well, worked best as to accuracy, and no unburned powder in the bore, and fired cases were FAR LESS sooty.

Now for revolvers- prefer loads in Schofield brass- smaller case is more forgiving of lighter ( that is , between ridiculously little powder that no intelligent person would think should work well, and no, it does not , and mid range ) loads IF crimped well and hot enough primers are used ( I like Winchester's Large pistol Standard or Magnum primer , myself. Have never had one fail me ; my guns will set off CCIs reliably, though. Not blind to the truth that many guns out there have a Federal Only style of tune, which makes you "lock time" longer! But, I digress ).

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And I'm seeing TB be unobtanium recently, too. That's one of the many reasons it was not on my recommended list to the OP.


If you want to really buy a powder and load, try 700-X, WST, Clay Dot, Red Dot (Promo). One of those is available at almost any on-line source right now.


Good luck, GJ

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I use a book minimum charge of 700-X behind a 160 grain Badman RNFP in my .45's and haven't needed to clean guns in quite some time...


I know, I know, those're baby bullets but my arthritic wrists like 'em better than 200 grainers...

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I've used Clays, Unique, even Bullseye (carefully) and a 250 gr. RNFP bullet, all of which produced grunge.

I now use Trail Boss, because I only load here in a Canadian winter (and avoid hibernation). Also, it was what I could find.

I get some grunge with TB, but, you will note I am a WARTHOG.​ so the charge I use does expand the case a bit.

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300 rounds through any of my 73's (45 or 38) and they're always filthy. I've played with a bunch of powder loads and bullets over the years. And some are better than others. For me, the only thing that really made a bigger difference was shooting loads with hotter powder charges. (Which I don't prefer)

Even with that the 45lc is still a filthy shooter.

I'd find a Powder that meters well, with recoil and FPS that is comfortable to shoot. Just wipe the gun down after every couple matches.

My 2 cents. for what it's worth😉



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