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SOLD: Harrington & Richardson Spur Trigger .32 Pocket Pistol


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Still cleaning out The Cave and came across another item that might interest a CAS pard...

Sold: Antique Harrington & Richardson Spur Trigger, Single Action, Black Powder, Nickle Plated Pocket Pistol.

Model 1-1/2, manufactured only between 1878-1883. This is an antique so it does not need to go through an FFL, unless your particular locale requires. Chambers .32 rimfire cal. 5 shot, 2-1/2" octagon barrel, medium frame, saw grip. Action is nice, with proper timing and lockup. Bore with good lands and grooves, a small patch of frost, but no pitting. Nickel plate is worn, but not flaking. Appr. 80% coverage remains. Grips are perfectly fitted wood aftermarket, from somewhere in the last century or so, with a greater palm swell than original for better handling.

Barrel has 2 line address that reads, Harrington & Richardson, Worcester Mass. Pat. May 23, 1876


Load and shoot with blackpowder only, using the Dixie Gun Works cases and .22 rimfire blanks http://www.dixiegunworks.com/product_info.php?products_id=8154


This is stock condition. I have another that I have lightened the springs on for pocket pistol side matches, that one I'm keeping.










175.00 includes USPS Priority Mail and Insurance.



Doc McC

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Be still my heart! I love these old pistols, wish I had the discretionary funds fro this one!

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I'll take it if still available, pm me with details on how you want to proceed, thnx, Chris

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I'll take it if still available, pm me with details on how you want to proceed, thnx, Chris

PM Sent



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