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Reloading - spent primer separation in brass?

Chief Rick

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Starline .38 Special brass.

While depriming/resizing, nothing felt amiss. Then the new primer wouldn't seat. Using a Dillon 550.

Ran the brass back into the die to pop the partially seated primer out and found this.





I was not able to pry out whatever is left.

Any ideas?

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I have thrown a lot of them away, of course I shoot with a bunch of the Dark side, and wind up with some of their brass



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This is typical of brass that has been wet and allowed to sit a while before you try to de-prime it. The sides of the primer bond to the case, and the top is pushed off by the de-priming punch of the die.



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If I had to go to the trouble of saving it, I would probably use the primer pocket reamer I got to make the pocket depths correct on C45S brass and Magtech 12 gauge brass hulls.


I had a lot of 357 magnum cases that had not been reloaded in over 20 years that had primers frozen in place. They were extremely hard to deprime but I don't think any pulled apart like the one you pictured. I do remember having a depriming punch push through a primer and not push it out.

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Were you shooting BP or a sub? This is a common problem if cases are not de-primed soon.


I currently only shoot smokeless.

Who's primer?

Did the brass get wet?

What type of powder?



"IF" it was my reload - Winchester primer, Trail Boss powder.


If this was someone else's brass that was returned to me... who knows.

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