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Vihtavuori Tin Star powder

Notso Slim, SASS #67301

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Loading data pretty hard to come by.


My experience, and several other pards similar posted experiences, is it is dirty as all get out, even when loaded mid range.


IMHO - not worth trying to make any more loads out of it (I won a free can at a major shoot, and still not worth trying to make a load), but it made great lawn fertilizer!


Good luck, GJ.

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Works OK and not that expensive compared to TB. You get a pound compared to TB's 9 ounces. I have used it but will not use it again unless it is all I can get. There are a lot of other powders that are cleaner, less expensive and just as easy to use. kR

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tried it a couple of years ago when it was new

with the loading data I got from Vitha my 45colt loads were way to hard.


about in the middle between min. and Max. load I would get flattening of primers and other signs of overpressure


I tried to contact Vitha about this, but no response, I eventually loaded the rest with about half of what the reloading data said


So for me never again

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Howdy guys


I have used N32C back when it came out, got data, send me a pm if interested


Stoped using it due to it's to temperature sensitive, went back to N310 and N320


Why VithaVouri you ask, well that's what we can get, that and Norma, no american powder available on this side of the pond, it's hard to be a troll


Samuel B

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