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This reminds me of one of my neighbors we had when I was growing up. He always had uhm... different, pets. He had a pet raccoon that would ride around with him like that on his 4-wheelers and motorcycle. Then he had a ferret for the longest time until it hid in the laundry. Apparently Whirlpool's aren't ferret friendly. Then the last pet he got was a lynx. He built it a huge cage out of an old corn crib. He built it over a medium sized tree that got struck by lightneing and died. He took off the old tin sides and bolted up wire fencing panels. If it was just him, that lynx would do the same as the cat in the video. Otherwise, he was just like a dog in the back of a pickup. He got real nervous around lots of people though and would then get a little mean (good thing he was de-clawed). I got to do a lot of rabbit hunting as a youngin' to help keep his "kitty" fed.

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