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High Mortality parts EMF SASS model Lever Action?

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Years ago, I was given some good advice here, about what could fail one the Uberti 1866 I had just purchased.

I followed the advice and purchased a loading spoon and the correct screw for the version I had. It saved some heart-ache at a match when the factory spoon failed, as I had been warned.

Recently, I was lucky enough to pick up an EMF 1873 SASS lever action, in .45 Colt, Cat. 5989 with a serial number in the W4086X range.

So, my question to you is: Can you advise what the part(s) are that might fail on the above described EMF-SASS 1873??

Thanks Pards


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Clean and lube the magazine tube, spring and follower, and put some anti-seize lube on the mag tube cap. It can way too often be rusted before you took possession.


If you have a bolt made in the 2008-2015 date range where Uberti was using free-machining leaded steel for the bolt, at some point, the cartridge support tab on the bottom of the bolt will probably bend and break. Since you have a "backup" in your 66, you could wait (until the break occurs) to have the tab replaced with a weld or pinned in replacement tab. If you have a very recently made bolt, the tab is now made as a separate pinned in part. Or you could have the tab replaced now, or get a new bolt from Cowboys and Indian Store, which is made with better steel.


The factory lifter and lever springs are way too stiff and rough from the factory. At least get them thinned and smoothed, if not replaced with something like Whisper springs from the Smith Shop or the Slix springs sold by Badman Bullets and some other shops. Rapid wear to the lever cam can occur if you don't lighten and smooth those springs!


And the soft Uberti screws make me always get a kit of hardened screws from VTI gun parts and replace them as I clean and tune the gun.


The common "wear and break" parts for a Uberti 73 are:

* firing pin and spring

* extractor


The common parts replaced or tuned when making the gun run better-faster-smoother are:

* lighter carrier block (mill the factory brass block, or aluminum replacement)

* short stroke kit to replace toggle links and lifter arm

* lifter and lever springs

* lever safety spring

* main (hammer) spring


Good luck, GJ

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