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My First Match at Miakka Misfits


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I LOVED :wub: IT!



They only set up 2 berms but there was a lot of thought put into how to keep them different and interesting.


One great thing about the range was that all the targets fit on a trailer.

They backed the trailer into a corral and locked it up.

No unloading necessary. :o

I call that an innovation for South Florida.


Thanks Crossfire Brown and Buckshot Frank for keeping things moving and making the "new shooter" :lol: feel comfortable.





PS - I shot Punta Gorda last week and had a blast there too but I was feeling like poop when I got home because of the heat.
I will review PG after shoot 2 next month.



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Hey Waimea!

Thank you for for the kind words and we are very glad you came and had a good time!



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