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SPF x 2 - Two New M1 Garand Walnut Stock Sets, Oil Finished

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I purchased these from Dupage Trading maybe ten years ago and they have been in climate controlled storage in their original boxes ever since. These are three piece sets made by Boyds to replicate the more svelte WWII pattern specifically for Dupage, not the current larger hybrid WWII/Korean War pattern stock currently offered by Boyds. The current version of this stock set from Dupage includes the hand guard metal components and a front stock ferule with swivel (a fifteen dollar value according to the website) and retails for $119 plus shipping. I bought these before they included that so these two sets do not include the metal bits. Each set is $85 shipped. The wood on both is quite lovely. Pictures available on request.


Thank you.

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Hello Willi, yes I did receive your offer for the pair. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I tried to reply by PM this evening but it appears you closed that topic on your end so I couldn't. I respectfully decline your offer.


Not much action here on the classifieds but I'm getting a lot of PMs. Pics have been sent to all who have requested. One set sold pending funds. One set left at $85 shipped.


It really is nice furniture. I wouldn't have kept it so long if it wasn't. I'm just moving on.



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