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SPF-Full Cowhide For Sale

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Back before I was a rip-snortin rootin-tootin cowboy I carried a sample bag up and down the east coast and across Europe for a storied domestic manufacturer of motorcycle roadrace gear and leather jackets. Over the next number of months I will be offering here some odds and ends including some very nice coats that no longer fit me as well as a few hides. Today I offer one for your consideration, a full skin of domestic origin, domestically drum dyed and chrome tanned in a very dark brown. When I take the micrometer around the perimeter I get an average thickness of about 1.5mm, roughly 3-3.5 oz per square foot. Marked on the back on the rough side in gold pen is the number 48 followed by a squiggle which I take to mean 48+ square feet (somewhere around fifty square feet is typical for your average beef). I bought this well over a decade ago to use as a rug or a furniture throw but I never could bear to walk on it and I never found the right thing to throw it over. I've got pics available on request, one of which shows it overhanging four sides of a queen size futon, including the frame. I'd like $180 for it shipped which works out to $3.75 per foot with the shipping included.


PM me if you want pics.


Thank you.

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