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SOLD: Uberti 1860 Army, Very Nice Condition - Reduced


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Uberti 1860 Army, Black Powder Revolver, 44 Caliber, 8" Barrel, Steel Frame, Blue/CCH


  • Blued Steel Cylinder, Back Strap and Barrel
  • One-Piece Walnut Grip
  • Brass Trigger Guard
  • CCH Steel Frame, Loading Lever and Hamme

Technical Information

Caliber: 44

Barrel Length: 8"

Twist Rate: Not listed by manufacturer

Overall Length: 13.8"

Weight: 2.60 lb

Stock Material: Walnut

Sights: Blade front

I have a display wall of percussion pistols. Some I shoot, but most I don't. Time to pass them on to someone who will let them belch Fire and Smoke and BOOM! This is an early Uberti revolver. Imported by Replica Arms of Marietta, Ohio it has a date code of XXV (1969)!! Just been hanging on the wall. This pistol deserves to be fired! I've looked it over closely, Bore and Chambers are excellent Screws are excellent. Wedge screw is the only screw that shows use, Grips are excellent. Cylinder has the beginnings of a turn line. Some very light scratches on the brass trigger guard. Will probably buff out with steel wool. This 47 yo Classic certainly hasn't been shot much. May have had an action job, can't be sure, but it is smooth, timing and lockup right on. Grips are narrower than on my Piettas. Hammer does NOT have any nipple impression. Nipples look factory new. Absolutely no rust, pitting, corrosion of any kind. One pretty, perfectly balanced gun!





SOLD $225 Shipped via USPS Priority Mail, Insured. Delivered to your door ~ where legal ~

Thanks for looking

~ Duc ~

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Any swap potential?

Can't think of anything I want, but... who knows.

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Need a nice, stag-handled Bowie knife? I have two styles.

I've got a knife or two I'm going to sell off myself, but thanks.

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Dropped the price on a nice Uberti

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Would have to be in the $100.00 range for me to consider an offer. Sorry but that is the way I see the piece.

A Uberti in 90% + condition 100? I can change out the wedge screw and you'd never know a screw had ever been turned on this gun. Nipples are as new. I can part it out on Ebay for almost 300. I hate doing that to good guns. Good luck finding one for 100. I think I'll donate it to a local wanting to get into BP instead..

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One would have to question the manners of a member disparaging another's pricing of an item for sale. Having dealt with dozens of these cap and ball revolvers over the past few years, I found the seller's asking price reasonable and fair. Pretty boorish behavior on the part of the critic as far as I'm concerned.

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