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Don't worry, Mr. Dress-up will gougr collect it for you.

Gotta pay for his costumes some how!

(Doesn't this just make you so proud?)

Mr Dress Up and Family.jpg

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My order of .45-70 brass arrived today. 200 Starline.

Sat in the family room with SWMBO, a case length trimmer and the de-burring tool to start cleaning them up and did about a quarter.

Trying to figure out a good load for a lot of 405 and 500 Grain LRNFP bullets I obtained to try out.

Weeds coming up in the lawn, so stay off it.

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Ah cooler weather..& that's the way  it stay's, not like you lot up there that  have that freezin' stuff when it's your turn.., anyways it's vegs & meat stews, grass that don't grow,no mosquitos, no sweatin' on the range, warm as toast in bed, football season...ah what a time of the year !!!!!!

Grump   'ya' say .....I ain't no grump least  not for the  next 5 months

Pretty soon all your grass will be green so best ya all get ready...me well I'm checkin' out the footy teams for the w'end, go to a gun show & bust some clays on Sunday

Luv' this time of the year..ain't even gunna' tell ya to git off the lawn !!!.

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PM I will get off the lawn, it actually looks pretty good right now. My new elm tree and a 2 foot tall redbud are growing. the Pawpaw is 8 feet tall. My brown thumb is going green. No rain in the forcast. I will find something to grump about, I always do.


Imis      Yall come sit in my lawn, ya might get a chigger, I would laugh

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Something I came across, written by the relative of a friend.

For your thoughts and to ponder:



How rough the way

From Runnymede of old

And through the years until today

That man has trod in search of Liberty

To reach this state of freedom won for you and me

And yet those rights for which our Fathers fought and died

Can by some conquering tyrant be denied,

If through our own disunity

We let our ramparts fall

With slavery

For all


And then we'll prize

Each blessing of today

Free speech, free press, free enterprise

And that good life, in folly thrown away

As oft the wealth of those who live but for today

Then in the deepest sorrow will be our curse of fate

And the then lesson learn, but learn too late

Vigilance, Strength and Unity

Was the worthwhile cost

Of Liberty




    William L. Bowlby

March 31, 1958

Edited by Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474
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Liberty and it's Brother aren't Free .... And Freedom can be lost by not keeping your eyes ever open ....


Jabez Cowboy

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Good talking to you the other day, Jabez.

I'm just sitting here, bloated with sea-food right now.

Went to the Rideau-Carleton Casino for their buffet and to celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary.

Had a big splash last year; this year SWMBO just wanted the R-C and a quiet celebration to mark the day, so a close friend an our son were the only ones with us.

Geez! it doesn't seem like 51 years..

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I worked on MIL's condo yesterday in prep for sale. Didnt get to shoot BUT we are going to the range tomorrow so I will be degrumped for a short while. Now get off the lawn.



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We are having a 3 stage Minnie match tonight ,,,,, Hope to be there ....

Need to get ahead of the grass ,,,,,, Mower issues ...

The Foxes in the yard are doing real well,,, Mom, Dad and 8 Kits..

Da boss has some pretty good Footage of them .... Posted on Facebook..


Coffee fer da Grumps...


Jabez Cowboy



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Da foxes done moved out ,,,,, I wonder if The neighbors dogs and several others harassing them was the cause ...

Makes Me SUPER GRUMPY !!!!  I put the run on a couple of dogs the other day , but I guess it wasn't enough ....


Coffee and Photos of them and some Video of them .....

To bad I have not the slightest idea of how to put it on here ...


Jabez Cowboy

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Good soggy Saturday.  I put in my retirement papers at work for 3 months from now.  If they kick me aside sooner, good.  My plate is full and overflowing but I'm ok with that.  My 89 year old father just handed me control of the farm operation.  So there's no true retirement,  just changing vocations.  Not much planted in this rainy flooded year so far.  Best thing for strangers to do is stay off our soggy yard.

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Imis :

Well did Ya ???? miss that is ...


I trust you had Fun ....

Big Shoot,,,,, Or Small...


What do you call a Midget Psychic on the lamb from the Law ???


Coffee fer da Grumps and Grass and Water fer da Steads ....


Jabez Cowboy

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Well I wasnt clean. I had no Ps and a couple of pistol primer mishits that wouldnt boom. So all in all not too bad. We had a lot of fun at lunch afterwards.

Grass is growing, I helped a great cowboy, Papa Dave move his reloading stuff yesterday and Im tired, but looking forward to a trip to Texas next week to meet my new great granddaughter.

Get off the lawn


Imis  What, Jabez, I dunno?

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Cold and wet around here. Not like the weather you've been getting Jabez.

Got to the Wild Turkey "I Remember When" match on Saturday and shot CLEAN! (No discussion about times OK?)

Cool sleeping in the motor home, but a good sleeping bag to use between hot flashes and sweats dealt with that.

Now get off the weeds lawn.

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70 headed for 90.

On our way to the Cowboy's Cafe for eggs benny and hash browns with OJ.

Ya'll invited, its on me.


Carlos Murphy

Stay off my green lawn while I'm gone!

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No match here this Saturday; or next for that matter.

Going to be busy anyway, hopefully getting some building moved onto our CAS dedicated range.

As long as the roads are dry enough, the rain holds off and the black flies and mosquitoes don't carry us off into the bush to eat us.

Around here, when you swat a mosquito, you hear a "CRUNCH
That's their ankles breaking.

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Heading to TX this week to meet the Great Granddaughter, we finished the remodel of Jersey Bratt's mommas condo so it can go on the market. I dont have much to grump about, but I will rise to the occasion.




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Page 3 Shame on Me ....

Now git out an Grump !!!


Plenty of Coke ,,, the cold Brown liquid kind ,,, fer all da Grumps ...

Bring Yer own Fill if needed ... Any falling Down drunks will be rolled into the Fire to keep them warm ...


Jabez Cowboy

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On 4/30/2019 at 8:33 AM, Buffalo Creek Law Dog said:


Have you had the pneumonia shot?  My wife and I had the shot a couple of years ago, one shot is good for life.  When you think about it, how many people have you heard who were in the hospital for one problem or another but, ended up dying of pneumonia instead.


Take care, Rev 

My wife died  May 8, 2016 from double pneumonia which went septic.  She didn't get the shots and saw a doctor who was giving her a quarterly check up for a heart condition.  Eight days after having him check her, including chest x-rays, she became ill and died within  six weeks.


Don't be stupid: get the pneumonia shot.

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Forty Rod , Good Advice ....

How are you keeping ???

When are you coming up here to shoot with Us ???


Grump On !!!


Jabez  Cowboy

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Page two. 

How come?

Grass is growing fast with all the rain.

Getting ready for a match with the Ottawa Valley Marauders on Saturday. 

Hope the road in is OK and I can park close w/o too long a walk. 

My old knees can't take too much these days.



Edited by Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474
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Gud Day; Painted Mohawk


Have Ya been Flying ????

With - out da Cake ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Seems like my yearly trips to Uganda .....

Good ta see you is still the right side of da Grass ...

Done loaded up 175 Rounds fer my .40-65 High Wall ....

Getting ready ta Shoot "Palmers Gulch" shoot out in B. C. end of da month... They have a place to stretch da legs on da Longrange guns ...

Got a Call from Neut Reno telling me ta bring lot's of ammo fer da Big Guns ...

Main Match is Sat -Sunday ...


Coffee and Bearsign fer Da Grumps ...


Jabez Cowboy

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Yeah, I been fly'n, my R/C B-17 and my Spitfire.

Beautiful day, 81 and sunny.

Doc says I got about 5 years on my pacemaker before it needs to be replaced.

Banana bread with vanilla ice cream and sweet ice tea fer them that want some.

Lawns in good shape, nobody's been on it!


Carlos Murphy

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Page 2 ?

Shot yesterday, with the Ottawa Valley Marauders.

Won the race to the bottom, but I had fun.

First mild day in a while. Didn't even rain!!

Crushed stone finally in place to receive the buildings we're having moved onto the site.

Still need the roads to be a little drier and we have to clear some brush away from around the buildings.

Gettin' there, slow but sure. 


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