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Union Flap Holsters and Belt SOLD

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Right and Left Black Flap Holster. I was a big dummy one day and cut oft the flap. My local cobbler sewed them back on for me. They are from Cabelas presently $69 each. Not cheap leather, very substantial. $35 each delivered $60 for the pair delivered.









Puppy Paw Union Belt Pretty Sure I got these from Blockade Runner (a wonderful source). Together a $65 value. Sell for $30 delivered. See them at this site. Shrink it down to your size fits great on my 52" girth








If the prices sound high . . . I am lazy and use priority mail using post office boxes.


Thanks for looking.


Crayfish, the Shameless One

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Oh yeah lefty they swallow everything up to a Walker. Prolly any SAA up to 8 inches would be a pistol in a bucket.

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Slim will pay me. We done a bunch of deals.


At least you have my source on it - Blockade Runner. They are good people.

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PP sent, sorry MD. The family is fine, spring break next week, taking a short road trip to Hearst Castle. Replaced the fuel pump on our mini-van yesterday. Today I am going to power rooter the main drain to the street, sick of the slow drains. If that goes well I hope to replace the water pump in the wife's Ranger today also. Went snow camping with my son and the Boy Scouts 2 week-ends ago. Keeping busy, as usual.

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