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Thunder River at it again this weekend

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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Good Morning One and All; greetings from The Republic,


TRR is holding its monthly matches this weekend. Weatherman promises clean sky, plenty of Sun and fan-tas-tic stages culled from the major matches around the country.


Some of the details: 6 stages, rifle: 60 ± (that's 60 give or take), pistol: 60 ±, about a box of shotgun shells.


We also welcome Cody-Dixon, Wild Bunch and Mild Bunch (.22s and .410)


For details on how to get there (plus probably more than you every wanted to know about TRR) go to: http://thunderriverrenegades.com/



Remember in the South we never have to worry about having to shovel Sunshine off the range.





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And we have setup a few Winter Range stages from 2015. And we have dry camping on the range if your interested, or a nearby RV resort, and always some local motels and eating locations. I am thinkin about bringing some venison to cook after the main match, but worry that many shooters just head out right after....Kinda on the cusp on the one. WE also announce category winners and may have some folks selling stuff....There has got to be something else.... I may remember later.



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