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found lead supplier: $1.10 per lb + shipping (sometimes)

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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Ran across The Great Alaskan Lead Com http://www.thegreatalaskanleadco.com/home.html


They have lead that completely fills a sfrb; that is right at 30 lbs.


As of today it was $1.10 per lb but can vary do to lead prices.


Also have weekly specials; this week was free shipping.


ordered on 24th and arrived on 30th.


Lead is from fishing nets up in 49th State (info from their website)


Only down side: comes as one solid block, 30 lbs or two 15 lb. They have forms and pour lead to fix the sfrb perfectly.


Seems very hard alloy; contains antimony and tin.


my plan is to use torch to get it into pot.


will report back






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I don't know about using a torch but you can find lead ingots on ebay for about the same price. I buy ingots labelled pure or from roof sheeting and add tin. My lead tester has always agreed with the sellers description. Almost any other alloy is also available and some pay shipping.

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