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Team SASS is a Decentralized Organizational Effort

Colonel Dan, SASS #24025

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Team SASS is a Decentralized Organizational Effort

We have structured Team SASS to be intentionally decentralized. Why? I firmly believe in two driving factors:

(1) The people of the several states know their situation and gun climate best…unlike Washington DC who thinks they know what’s best for everyone. Gun owners within the individual states know where to apply the heat and overall effort in order to achieve the most promising and effective outcome.

(2) Our greatest chances for executing a successful fight to preserve, protect and defend for all America is at the state level.

By focusing on the state level, we will have greater influence on impacting our “close in targets” i.e. our liberty focused lives within our immediate environment so to speak. Additionally, it’s by increased influence within our home states that we can better direct the pressure the states can and will place on the federal. In other words, we must use the vast power of a combined and coordinated force that can

only come from a majority of the states pushing the federal in the right direction.

This state level focus should not be interpreted as SASS ignoring the national level…ergo our partnership effort with major national organizations i.e. the NRA, GOA, SAF, NSSF. We add the weight of our considerable membership numbers and financial support via the Team SASS Patriot Badge sales, SASS Second Amendment Support Matches and our SASS Calls for Action to these organizations to fight the good fight in Washington D.C.

All strategies come with a set of requirements if they're to be successful. What are the requirements of our decentralized strategy? The potential and probable success of this effort at this state level is highly dependent on YOU…the individual members of Team SASS. Your active involvement and willingness to do your part in both Phase I and II of the Team SASS National Strategy within your state is key and directly proportional to the level of success we can expect in the larger picture.

Team SASS National Strategy

(1) Work as a supportive teammate of the NRA, GOA, SAF and NSSF. We must work in close relationship with the NRA, GOA, SAF and NSSF representatives (local, state and national) in order to ensure a unified front and send a stronger message that we could by going it alone on a separate and uncoordinated path. The NRA for example has a unique and dedicated representative for each of the 50 states. They keep their finger on the pulse of the state's individual issues and can be a great point of contact for the Team SASS State Directors (TSSD).

(2) Work to ensure active support of Second Amendment by political leaders at all levels. We will make our demands for strict adherence to the Second Amendment clear to all our political leaders—local, state and national. When contacting these leaders under the Team SASS flag, we must to do so politely and professionally yet unmistakably viewed as uncompromising single issue voters. If we don't, then we are apt to lose the focus and the fight as our gun issues will very likely be compromised away via the political deal making process

(3) Team SASS's main focus of activity will be uniquely tailored to and implemented at the State and Local level. Team SASS State Directors (TSSDs) will take the lead in identifying the issues particular to their states and lead the effort to apply the detailed tactics in support of the national strategy. They should stay in contact with the respective SASS clubs in their area as well as their NRA state representatives to insure information is passed along both up and down the chain and that issues are addressed which are tailored to their local and state areas.

(4) Team SASS will apply heat as well as encouragement using all available formats. Team SASS must be dedicated to applying and keeping the heat on those who can, will and do violate the Second Amendment as well as encouraging those who support our unalienable right to keep and bear arms. That right must not be diluted or eroded away within the framework of any deviously constructed political incrementalism. We will make use of telephones, letters, emails, text messages, rallies and face to face meetings in order to send those appropriate messages in a professional, polite but uncompromising way.

Team SASS at the National HQs level can and does provide the outline and overall national strategy but we can’t make it happen at the state level for you and without you. We can't and won't dictate the detailed tactics necessary to implement the national strategy since anything we could provide could and will never be applicable to all 50 states. Any detailed plan we would develop for California or New York would not apply at all to Texas or Florida for example. Their issues and challenges are very very different. Were we to even try to do that, our overall effort and those of the states would suffer greatly and be very counterproductive. In other words, we will not micro manage at the state level as the Federal government does now.

Don’t hang back, I highly encourage you to jump in this fight…if not for yourself, for your posterity and the freedom they will either enjoy or lose tomorrow because of what our generation does today.

Go forth and do great things for the cause of future liberty as our forefathers did for us.

Colonel Dan

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Dear SASS Members,


I am one person, one patriot, one shooter, one voice.


I have watched my clubs members here is Central Texas and listened to their stories and their accomplishments.


What I do not find are Patriots willing to stand up for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or Laws of our great nation.


There is no talk of


Obama slapping us in the face for many years now

Immigrants allowed to pour into our land with hatred and diseases

Immigrants taking over our governmental positions and implementing the barbarism of Islam

Sharing bathrooms with the women and children we have sworn to protect

Schools being forced to teach the Koran

Laws to protect terrorists and persecute Christians

ETC, ETC, ETC..... how many others can you list.


If I allowed one person to enter my personal space and do the things that have been done to America, he would not be alive today.


But I see no Patriots, I don't see any anger, I don't see any frustration, I don't see America standing for what they used to believe in.


America has chosen the path of enslavement, just moronic icons moving around and doing what they are told to do.


I congratulate you Col Dan on your Patriotism and willingness to at most discuss what we are loosing.


Maybe if I asked everyone in SASS to meet me on the steps of the White House to protest and demand Obama step down - only you and I would be there.


Not being anything but one person, one patriot, one shooter, one voice, I'll try to go back to sleep now and pray I wake up in the promised land.

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