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colt frontier 22 mag cylinder

Trigger Mike

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Howdy, It might fit or might not. The real question is if the barrel is correct for magnum


A lot of folks think long rifle and magnum are the same and they are NOT.

Check into this before your load up and start shooting.

It is NOT the same as 38 and 357 magnum.

Did the 22 originally come with a 22 mag cylinder?



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Many, many years ago, I wrote to Colt about this and the answer was along the lines of if the barrel says .22LR, the barrel is .22LR only. If it says .22 magnum or .22 cal, it can safely be used with a .22 mag cylinder.

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I found a 22 magnum cylinder for a stainless Colt Frontier. Will it fit my blued one or did only certain models accommodate the 22 magnum cylinder.

Never heard of such a gun! Please post a picture!



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Although there are significant dimension differences in the cases, and hence the chambers, the bullet diameter is also different: The .22 LR has a .223" bullet, and the .22 WMR is .224".


Some would consider it imprudent and possibly unsafe to shoot a jacketed bullet down a tube that's .001" undersized... ;)


Conversely, shooting a .22 LR in a magnum cylinder will likely give you some issues... the neck size of the .22 LR is .016" smaller than the .22 WMR, and may not seal well or possibly even split.


Of course, since no one had ever told us this stuff, when I was a kid we did it all the time. Nary a mishap and much fun had. ^_^

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I purchased one of the Colt Frontier .22 LR revolvers back in 1968. I believe that it

specifically said not to shoot .22 Mag. IIRC Colt then came out with a .22 Mag Model.


Not the same critter.

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Well... I won't advise you to shoot it.


But if the cylinder fit... and if the timing was correct... and it was mine... well... :rolleyes:


I'd slug the barrel, just to make sure it wasn't undersized...


BTW ~ the Ruger Single-Six Convertible has a .224 bore.

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The Colt Frontier .22 was made 1959 to the early 1970s.

The Colt New Frontier .22 was made early 1970s to around 1990.

The Frontiers that I have seen were all fixed sight and had alloy frames.

The New Frontiers that I have seen had fixed or adjustable sights and were all steel frames.

The New Frontiers mostly came with both LR and WMR cylinders.

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