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Following the NRA's Lead on High Profile Events

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I have observed how the NRAhas handled recent high profile events. Their policy of staying silent during the first few days of any event has seemed wise and worthy of copying.


The major advantage to this is that during this period in the media's rush to air facts, they frequently get much of it wrong. They tend start getting the frame of the story correct at the end of 24 hours, but much more likely when they are close to the end of the first 48 hours.


The NRA is also much more clever as well. The story they move forward with is sympathy for the injured and killed as well as there families. While the media lines up with its worn rhetoric on guns, NRA's tone is towards the people.


By the time the real story starts to congeal, the heat from misinformation is waning. People who showed the wisdom of waiting for facts have little need to retreat from earlier statements.


Keep that in mind when one of these things happens in the future. Respond first for those who were injured or killed. That should be hard to do as we can easily imagine how many families have that terrified wait hoping to hear from that loved one that was near one of these shootings and fearing every time they see a cop car driving down their street.


Keep that in mind, and pray that you only need to offer those prayers for people you do not know.

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