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Annual, National Take Non-Shooter to the Range Day?

Foard County News, SASS #77236

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I have been kicking this idea around for the last few months. The idea I had was developing a National Take a Non-Shooter to the Range Day.


While I know NRA has its programs like the Appleseed Project, I think we are reaching critical mass on gun rights. That is to say, the adversaries to self-defense are feeling the impact from the popularity of CHLs programs and the large number of women getting their handguns.


Basically what we want to attract are people who have never shot before. Those are the people who have the most negative myths about firearms dancing around in their brains. Our goal should be to create an event that caters to them.


By using light recoiling firearms and preferably outdoor ranges (less reflected noise) we can introduce them to the firearms and safe handling techniques.


The idea behind a national event is media attention. We want 2A rights to be something no one can ignore. With the events in Europe and overseas, there have been no effective calls gun restrictions through the law making process on the federal level.


The Democrats are trying the Terrorist Watch List prohibitions, yet again. Republicans are firmly in control of the House and Senate the longer that idea drags out, the less likely it will be go anywhere. Both in 2014 and Bloomberg's recent attempt to buy two state Senate seats, I doubt politicians want to pursue this in the 2016 General Election.


So by calling attention to the 2A, and winning over new minds we might well win the fight down ballot. If we can push back against places like California, NY, Illinois, NJ, etc with a popular event even though we might not win there, we may tip the scales more in our favor.


I still think sports like SASS, Mounted Shooting, Skeet, Trap, precision all have the advantage of being a very non-threating style of shooting. They feature firearms that have realtively common accessories, made of earthy tones and products.


In other words it is difficult for media to trash you.


What I think we need from SASS is just support, and maybe pumping it up in the Chronicle. That will help the state directors with the clubs. Maybe we can get some other support from the NRA and similar groups.


I could write a little more, but I want comments back from the group.

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Great idea Foard....Run with it! One slight correction though, the outstanding Project Appleseed Program was created, funded and conducted by the great folks at the Revolutionary War Veterans Association! Check them out at www.appleseedinfo.org

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