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Hearing ... The Numbers Behind Noise

John Boy

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85 dBA - Long term exposure risk

120 dBA - Risk of hearing damage after 7 minutes exposure

140 dBA - Immediate risk of hearing damage

I wear hearing aids due to long term shooting with no hearing protection that are calibrated to cut off any noise at 85 dBA. Sure wish I had started wearing hearing protection 60 years ago!




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Sure wish I had started wearing hearing protection 60 years ago!

Me too.

Many many Keith loads in my Super Black Hawk with no hearing protection.

Just didn't know any better.

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Years of flying damages your hearing. Like many men who have spent a lot time around heavy engines, I lost the high pitch sounds so I wear hearing aids. After researching hearing loss I decided that the cheap soft ear plugs are most effective, if they are screwed in. Of course if they aren't the noise is deafening.


My brother in law suffered serious hearing loss shooting a 44 Magnum indoors without hearing protection. He didn't realize it would be so bad but it was. His ears still ring.

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Pay'n now for the years I was a 'ramp-rat'(WAL@LAX/MEX).

Plus all the time at Lion's Drag Strip.........



The drag strip is THE ONLY acceptable place to hear excessive noise... :D:lol:

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If you have a COSTCO nearby, they have great deals on hearing aids. There is no charge for the exam or fitting, etc. I think the trial period is either 30 or 60 days- if you don't like them, bring them back for a full refund.


I really like mine, had them for over 2 years now without any problems

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I don't have the ringing problem after all these years. Wish I could find those d......crickets.

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If your hearing is really bad...like under 40% with your aids....you should look into Cochlear inplants...I've had one since 09 and the other done in 2011. Best thing I ever did. You'll love hearing the birds again(wife, kids and grandkids) :D :D


Shoot Straight.......Faygo

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I just got my hearing aids a week ago...it is nice to hear everything again...my wife loves it because she does not have to repeat everything.. When I was a kid we could not afford hearing protection so we stuffed cotton in our ears. Later we got cheap plugs..later I was involved for 20+years of motorcycle racing...a bunch of rock concerts. But the biggest cause of hearing loss was heredity...it simply runs in my family..

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I can't even remember how many pairs of hearing aids I've had.... at least 15+ pairs. They have come a long way. My insurance buys me a pair every two years, so I sell the old pair on ebay for CHEAP. Years of Jet blast, and thousands of high pitched muffin fans while working for the FAA just totally destroyed all of my high pitch hearing, and greatly damaged the mid frequencies. These new hearing aids are really neat... they take the sound that is too high for you to hear at any volume, transpose it to a lower frequency that you are able to hear. It works very well. The OLD way of doing it just tried to amplify the higher frequencies, which leads to very poor sound, and lots of feed back. All of this forces you to use a closed canal type of fitting, which gives your "In a barrel", un-natural sound. I get NONE of that with these new aids.(Phonak B-R series), and no batteries to buy, ever!


I hate the Timers that have the high pitched tone (like the one's that they use to use at WR), because I can not hear them with my ear plugs in. This leads me to remove them in order to hear the start, which just further hurts the situation. IMO, touching my shoulder is not a good option, and is only done as a last resort.


For every 3 db of increase the sound doubles! So... if you go from say 70 db to 73 db, it is twice as loud.


Wear your hearing protection!



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